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Aerial Installation
East Boldon

If your old aerial provides a noisy signal; then have better reception of multiplex digital channnels around East Boldon by installing a new aerial


Wall Mounted TV
East Boldon

When buying a digital HD or 3D TV and want it fitted and mounted on the wall in East Boldon request a quote


Satellite Receivers
East Boldon

Home, pub and club satellite box installation engineer helping receive a wider range of free channels & Sky in East Boldon

TV Installer

Plasma and Satellite Ltd

TV Wall Mounting East Boldon
Modern LED and Plasma televisions are much slimmer than old CRT TV's; making them ideal for wall mounting in living rooms, bedrooms or installing a small TV in a kitchen or den

Installing TV and Satellite in Pubs and Clubs
Combining a high definition TV with a sound system and feeds from a satellite receiver allows pubs and clubs to receive all the popularsport and music channels

Aerial Installation East Boldon
The demand for better television reception to benefit from the quality of digital TV means that the switch from analog to digital can show many older aerials have insufficient signal capture to deliver the best possible picture

if your old aerial is damaged or you would like a quote for a new, high gain, digital compatible aerial just ask us for an installation quote

Smart TV Installer East Boldon

East Boldon Smart TV Installed

Smart TV can go online using your home broadband connection & allows you to watch streaming movies, find music videos, plus read your facebook page depending on your braodband account

Install Concealed Socket For East Boldon

Installing an Extra TV Plug Socket

Concealed Cables
Rather than seeing hanging tv leads attached from your television to the nearest plug socket; it makes sense installing a concealed socket on the wall behind the TV

Signals to More Than One TV

Multiroom TV
Putting together a digital compatible antenna & splitter box enables installing an aerial socket in several rooms from a single aerial

TV for Rooms in Hotels & Guest Houses
Converted guest houses and hotels in East Boldon can fit digital TV in guest rooms and lounge areas and have a optimal picture

Hospitality TV: Pubs, Clubs and Cafes
Informal pubs or cafes in East Boldon utilising more than one function room could install wall mounted Digital TV in multiple rooms

Satellite Extender East Boldon

Add Satellite Channels to an Extra TV

Magic Eye Sky/Freeview Extender
Rather than enjoying the satellite tv channels via Sky or Freesat on just 1 TV; add subscription or Freesat stations on an additional television by fitting a magic eye & remote control to select channels on your main Sky/Freesat Box

Sky/Freeview Installation
Request a quote to supply & fit a magic eye or Image Links box extender for a second TV in the East Boldon area

Aerial Signal Splitter East Boldon

Splitters: East Boldon

Aerial Networks
Rather than fitting several TV antennae it's better to install an aerial splitter and create a multiroom setup

Signal Noise East Boldon

High Definition Television

Analog TV
Old analog TV sets needed a bulky glass cathode ray tube and powerful magnetic coils that pointed ionising electrons at a TV screen

Flat Screen TV
Current High Definition TV units also need to display a moving picture but operate by turning on or off tiny lcd or led pixels for pinpoint accuracy

Thin, Lightweight TV
Incorporating a switched digital screen in place of a cathode ray tube allows monitors and TVs to be accurate lighter and thinner than earlier models with less noise

Digital TV Channels East Boldon

Decoding Multiplex

Analog to Digital
Instead of sending out a continuous analog tv signal; multiplex (mux) relies on a digitally encoded channel requiring a suitable receiver/decoder

Freesat East Boldon

Freesat: East Boldon

Freesat Channels
All you need to obtain Freesat TV channels by connecting to a Sky dish if you have one or installing a satellite dish to pick up over 150 standard channels & free HD channels while avoiding a monthly subscription


North East TV, Aerial or Satellite Quotes

Plasma and Satellite Ltd is a local installation company handling enquiries throughout the North East

Call our head office or speak to a local engineer at Plasma and Satellite Ltd on these numbers:

  • Head office: 0191 203 7273
  • Mobile: 0788 673 2555
  • Newcastle: 0191 203 7273
  • Ponteland: 01661 808 018
  • Northumberland: 01670 569 277
  • Gateshead: 0191 447 8001
TV transmitter for East Boldon

TV Transmitter East Boldon

The nearest transmitter covering East Boldon is Pontop Pike in County Durham

Wall Mount TV East Boldon

TV Mounting Services

Fitting a TV on The Wall
Instead of a floor stand; a lot of people pick a tv wall bracket to keep the floor free from clutter and fit cables within a cable duct to avoid visible cables for an improved job

Enquire about new TV installations and wall fitting services for East Boldon by completing the short form or ringing our phone number


Directional Aerials for Digital TV

Directional Aerials
Without doubt the most successful digital compatible aerial is a yagi antenna and needs to be aligned with a tv channel transmitter emitting towards East Boldon to achieve the best signal amplifying performance

Signal Focussing
A directional antenna for displaying digital multiplex channels in East Boldon is made to focus tv broadcasts covering a specific range of frequencies that broadcast the tv picture and mostly miss the other radio frequencies which may cause noise